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Probably, you have already caught sight of the name of our blog. We ask not to confuse PUT_IN with a surname of our prime minister, the second president of Russia and simply good person.
We do not write that is difficult to live, that the gloomy rainy days are better than sunny. We do not write about those who «lives on coffee and cigarettes».
We write about people who are able to rejoice the trifles, about people who never despond and achieve success. We write about pleasure, positive and love in the widest sense of this word. Become better together with us. ;)

Some inhabitants piously believe that if a certain person X tries to beat out well-being, happiness, love or glory (underline what you want) it is very unusual X. But the things are much more trivial, friends. I, for example, as all the other females, hate the whole world and I am irritated on trifles in the twentieth dates of every month; I am afraid to hear once: « Woman, you’re getting old», and I like to start up bubbles in a milkshake through a tubule. I have really large quantity of socks with Hello Kitty and Winnie the Pooh and unique, first and beloved – Mr. Luca with whom I sleep since I was nine years old. I adore to recollect the dashing ninetieth and I hate kinda funny(«-You’re hot when you’re drunk… - You’re hot too when I’m drunk...» ) and kinda sad («I just choke. Silently, without special dramatic nature») phrases about difficult life. And when I tell fortunes, I call Dostoevsky and Warhol because they talk to me and twist the books, and, what’s the most important thing, promise different gratefulnesses. Any way they won’t make me bored. And I will try not to make you bored (a honey drop in tar).

Yours Sasha.

Last May I’ve fallen in love, as usually, definitively and irrevocably. As usually, has fallen in love for ever, the most fair and congruous love. And he has fallen in love with me, really he has fallen in love! He told me about it all days long, without a break. But that fact that we’re living in different cities sometimes confused me, but is it important when he has been telling me every day the same phrase: "I hava the addiction from you", and I trusted him. Why not?
And then everything was untwisted. Quickly and beautifully. Forgive me for parcelling, but I feel a little uneasy when I’m thinking that the full stops are put, commas are checked up, colons are corrected on dashes. Even all names are written from the Capital letter though I prefer small letters.
And this morning a strong wind barreled, directly in my face, and it, the real traitor, beat out locks of hair from under hairpins, unwound a long scarf, even undo the lower button on a coat. And this morning I have understood only one thing: I am grateful to this person because if he hasn’t taken me once for a neck, such infantile me, and hasn’t thrown me on rails under a train, from a window on an entrance roof, from boiling water into the ice, I would run into the synonymous person later. May be in 25 years, may be in 40. And, maybe, this person would continue to torture me: would write ambiguous messages, would buy tickets to cinema with places on different rows, would give me flowers, and in the end of appointment would recollect that he has been for a long time promising to present a bouquet to the mother-in-law. And he so passionate beloved, the ardently-desired boy, just builds quickly a brick wall, cemented and puttied it. That I should not suffer.
And here I walked, the wind blew, I have turned back and have understood, the life is finished... for the persons of no character, and for me it only begins. Secretly l’ll tell you that for you too! :)
From Janny with love

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